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Car range for fleets

Three featured tyres to meet the varied requirements of your car fleet, but a single philosophy:
performance designed to last.

Edito MICHELIN CrossClimate Plus Corporate fleet

Pneu Michelin CrossClimate +

MICHELIN CrossClimate+

Safety made to last, whatever the weather conditions.

Our all-season range, winter-certified, for simplified management of your car fleet.

NO Background Picture sinuous road spring winter autumn Tyre

Route sinueuse de forêt en toutes saisons

image primacy 4 background dark

MICHELIN Primacy 4

Safety made to last.

Our summer tyre range for cars and SUVs. The latest in the Primacy range, its excellent durability combined with its performance that lasts over time make it a prime choice for your car fleet.

Edito picture primacy 4 Corporate fleet

Edito photo michelin alpin6 Corporate fleet


Safety made to last in difficult winter conditions.

Our winter range offering excellent and lasting safety and handling in winter conditions.

NO Background photo winter road Tyre

To discover the full Michelin range for passenger vehicles (cars and SUVs), visit

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